Thanks so much for taking the time to read and respond, Jamie!

An open mindset towards communication and understanding is SO important. I'll be the first to admit that for as much as I hope this article and helpful comments such as yours will encourage and inspire others, I hope I will remember these notes and reminders when it comes time to have those tough conversations in my own real life. 🥴

Appreciate you!!

Redemption, Patience, and Relentless Ambition.

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I am a music artist before I am anything else… so much so that I often think of my life as a compilation of songs — not necessarily songs others have written and released, but original songs created in real time. …

Because I love myself… duh.

The human body is an interesting creation. Growing up, there have always been endless assumptions about how I would look when I got older, and regardless of whether their predictions were nice or nasty, I always found it interesting to hear how people envisioned I would look in the future…

You can too!

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Photo by Elina Krima from Canva

Depression is a highly popular topic of discussion these days, which makes sense considering how depression rates increased by more than 300% during the pandemic in the United States. But do you know what I find even more depressing than these metrics? The constant barrage of “wait it out” messages…

What does it really mean to be “positive”?

Photograph by Ba Tik from Canva

One of the things I dislike most as an advocate for and avid learner of positive psychology is the ongoing battle with the imbecilic notion that a positive mindset is equal to some sort of boundless optimism. As if the inherent struggle of positive versus negative wasn’t already enough. …

A candid share from a Black, Gen Z artist + entrepreneur on suicide, rejection and hope.

©KIRU 2021

Hi there. It’s been a very long time since I sat down and wrote an article, and as you can see from the title, this one is going to be anything but easy.



Keeping it real since ‘95. Gen Z artist, author and entrepreneur.

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