5 min readJan 1, 2022

Every single day of this year, I am determined to spread love through measurable action.

It’s kinda weird, starting a campaign on a Saturday. Even if it is just personal, it’s just weird LOL.

During the last two years, there’s been so much talk about how sad and uncertain everything is, and as we head into another year with uncertainty orbiting the ever-transforming pandemic, I just want to do something that will challenge our reasons for grief and champion our cause for gratitude. I’m calling it 2022: SPREAD LOVE.

I love the idea that positive actions can be used at all times, whether you are playing the offensive or the defensive side of life. Sometimes if we’re not careful though, we fall into this abstract cycle of “sending love and light” to the people in our lives, but never actually following up on that promise, or doing anything to ensure love and light are being delivered. Then we wonder why we feel empty and unaccomplished when we “give and give, and give some more…” (and that’s a story for another day, bing bong!).

Everyday in 2022, I’m holding myself responsible for taking at least three measurable actions to maximise the experience of love, light and gratitude. I’m sharing them here in detail for two reasons; 1) I am throwing myself into public accountability right from day one, and 2) I figure it might be useful in case anyone wants to join in on this journey. Here is the complete list of action items:


It is often said that winning is the best motivator, and I think that as much as I despise the “here’s your award for showing up” energy represented in a lot of brands discussing mental health these days, I do think there is a lot we overlook when we spend so much time magnifying negativity in our lives.

For example, if you only knew the complex details of what goes on in your body every time you return to consciousness from your sleep, you might spend less time being upset in the morning, dreading the day ahead, and more time being grateful and giving thanks that you were one of the people who woke up today.

However you choose to give thanks, whether it’s a short prayer, a meditation, a journal entry or a moment of silence, take the time to complete the measurable act of giving…


No big agenda here. Just living my life.